Well Production & Testing Services

Early Production Facilities For Extended Testing

Begin production early while full field development is being planned and permanent facilities are being built. Early-production systems help operators bring on-stream fast. Extended well tests (EWTS) are their new discoveries used to evaluate productivity and characteristics of a reservoir. Clearly understanding the reservoir’s potential helps operators reduce risks.


Multiphase Metering Units

Multiphase flow meters, since flow measurement is at the core of all surface testing applications. Accurate metering of the well stream is a critical deliverable by which the success of a well test can be quantified. To offer a full range of benefits. Gamatech has expanded its testing capabilities to provide reliable products and services focused on the acquisition and analysis of dynamic reservoir information and reservoir optimization solutions.


Production GOR Testing & Exploratory Testing

Tests in an oil or gas well are carried out to determine its flow capacity at specific conditions of reservoir and flowing pressures. Important concepts, such as absolute open flow potential, annular pressure, critical flow rate, net gas production and water/oil ratio are covered in this discipline The terms have all been defined and reviewed by production testing experts and many are augmented by high quality graphics.



Surface well testing units ( Skid Mounted & Trailer Mounted )

Test Units are used on exploration wells where effluent phases are not known, so they must treat a wide variety of effluents, such as gas, gas condensate, light oil, heavy oil, and foaming oil as well as oil containing water and impurities such as mud or solid particles. Gamatech offers a broad suite of surface well testing Units that can help improve safety, reduce cleanup time, and minimize environmental risk.