Become an Gamatech Energy Supplier

Our suppliers become part of our team and so we expect them to work with the same high standards.

Gamatech Energy’s Supply Chain Team is constantly sourcing potential suppliers who can add value to our business and support our operational objectives, including quality, health and safety, and our environmental commitments. We have strict procedures and policies along with an Ethics Manual that governs our interaction with Suppliers.
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When doing business with us, you become part of the Gamatech EnergyTeam

Suppliers are encouraged to engage with our Sourcing Team in order to be invited to register for a contract with Gamatech Energy and become part of our Approved Supplier List. This also applies to current suppliers who are looking to renew their contract.

There is a standard and streamlined approach to our pre-qualification process which ensures that suppliers complete the relevant assessments and provide the necessary information before they will be considered.

Gamatech Energy shall have the right to select suppliers at its sole discretion based on our criteria and procedures. Hence, registration with Gamatech Energy does not guarantee future business.

If you would you like to become a potential Supplier, complete the form.