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Water and foam line for fire protection system in fuel oil storage area of power plant


GAMATECH is an UAE Based Regional Petroleum Services Provider, GAMATECH Energy Petroleum Services LLC.  Having a huge world wide market challenge to grow up and to provide pioneering excellence, world class solutions and services to the oil & Gas sector with a huge experienced Team.

GAMATECH is firmly positioned as a total solutions provider to the oil & gas sector with a proven ability to resolve complex problems, across the value chain, from the upstream to midstream production and process requirements including well testing, well diagnostics, production facilities, and power generation projects. These capabilities combined with its exemplary QHSE performance and immaculate control process enable it to execute the most complex projects on a turnkey basis. GAMATECH is committed to consolidating its position in the region as a leading provider of total solutions in the oil and gas sector. GAMATECH has the range and expertise to deliver.

Strategy & Overview

HSE, Solution Provider, Regional Expansion , Management System, Policies .


ISO Certifications, 100% HSE Policy

Well Production Services

EPF, MMU, Exploratory testing, separation units,.

Well Testing equipment

Separators, Manifolds, Meters, Storage of Crude, Flaring, Re injection, Neutralization, Water Treatment Facilities

Well diagnostic services

Power Generation, Gas Sweetening, RTDAQS, Additional Services

Clients & projects

Valuable Clients & Projects

Our Main Policies

Make world class health, safety, environment and quality a way of life within the company.

Health, safety, environment and quality must come first in everything we do in our business.


  • Environmental Policy
  • Quality Policy
  • Driving Policy
  • Substance Abuse Policy
  • Non-Smoking Policy
  • Health Safety Policy


  • Priorities
  • Commitments
  • Ideas
  • Solving Problems
  • Job Well Done

Strategy & Overview

Safety First

We believe that all our activities can be undertaken safely and we will never compromise safety. We will conduct our business in a way that ensures in a way that ensures the health and well-being of our employees, contractors and any person affected by our activities. We know that continuous improvement of our health and safety performance is essential for successful company.

Solution Provider

To bring state of the art products and world class services and solutions to its customers by keeping abreast of the latest technology and innovations in the industry worldwide

  • To provide the clients with the turnkey solutions, including services, by leveraging its global network and strategic alliances
  • To Specialize in providing technology support for upstream and downstream services, products and solution
  • Regional Expansion.
  • Expand products and services in the MENA region by organic growth and acquisitions

HSE Management System

  • To bring state of the art products and world class services and solutions to its customers by keeping abreast of the latest technology and innovations in the industry worldwide.


GAMATECH Aims to provide our Clients with professional, Timely and Quality Services


GAMATECH Committed to offer its Customer the highest quality of specialized solutions, focused on improving reservoir production and accelerating customer’s return on investment. We focus on achieving this objective with the highest quality and safe operations protecting our people and the environment implementing 100% HSE Policy.


GAMATECH strives to be a leading solution provider in the MENA region Operating with National and International Companies. GAMATECH focus on performing various upstream oilfield services and customized design, construction and operations of fast track oil and gas production facilities projects.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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